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This isn't exactly about strictly YA books, but I thought I'd like to tell you all about it. First, I think it needs some backstory, though.

I've been a part of a website Girls Horse Club for a long time. It's a website for girls and teens that love horses and writing. I got several different things published over a few years, anything from short stories to informative articles.

GHC is also the reason and the place where I wrote my very first reviews, so it has a special part in how I got to building this blog with Megan.

Anyways, GHC hosted a contest and interview last summer with author Angela Dorsey. I was lucky enough to be a winner. (Thanks again for the prizes, GHC and Angela Dorsey!)

Author Review: Angela Dorsey

I've read three of Angela Dorsey's books, all from the Horse Guardian series. and all were enjoyable, even though I'm older then who they are meant for.

All of Angela Dorsey's books have strong female protagonists, with good morals and messages. (quite obvious if you are older, but for the target audience I think they are well-done.) They are different and unique, fast-paced and exactly what I would have loved to read when I was ten. They are the perfect mix of girl-power, horses, action, mystery and a bit of magic.

One thing that I really enjoyed was the use of switching perspectives. It swapped between the main character who is a different girl in each book,  Angelica, who is the 'Horse Guardian' I suppose, and the antagonist. Having short chapters from the perspective of the antagonist was fascinating, and I found myself looking forward to these chapters the most.

The thing I liked the least I think, was how perfect Angelica came across to be at times, especially in the first book. It got better, though, and I think part of her character was that she had to be perfect at times.

Of the three that I read (Dark Fire, Desert Song and Condor Mountain) I think that Condor Mountain was my favourite. The way the condors were the bad guys was something that I would never have thought up myself.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the wide variety of settings. The first was set in England, the second in the US, and the third in the Andes mountain range. The rest of the Horse Guardian series is set in different places all over the world.

Angela's books are the perfect gift for a younger sister, cousin, daughter, niece, neighbour or some random girl you know, whether they love horses or not! (But really, don't all little girls love horses at least a teeeeeeeeny bit?)

They aren't well-known, so you might have a hard time finding them in bookstores, but the are available as ebooks and you can even order signed copies off of her site! How cool is that?

The target audience for these books is kids aged 9-12.



  1. Hi Rachel (and Megan)! Thanks for the awesome review, Rachel. It was a lovely surprise to chance upon. You totally made my day!

    I looked around your site a bit too. What a great review website! I love reading YA, so I'll be back. Which was your favourite YA book from last year? I'd love to read it too.

    1. Hi Ms. Dorsey! Thank you so much!

      I'm really bad about choosing favourites, I can never decide, plus I'm really bad with remembering when I read books. I think I read some of Tamora Pierce's books, which are always favourites of mine. I also read the Hunger Games last year, I think that was my favourite series, anyways.

      It made our day finding your comment, too!


  2. I loved The Hunger Games too, and the movie was just as good. I was worried that I might not like it as much.

    I'm going to have to get some Tamora Pierce books. Thanks for the recommendation!


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