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Read it write is a blog created by two teenage girls, Megan and Rachel. We read and review YA fiction books, mainly in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, historical and romance. We also will feature a few weekly memes, including Top Ten Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesdays, and Thesaurus Thursdays. Occasionally we will post some of our own original content as well. Thanks for visiting our blog! We hope you find something interesting here! Happy reading! 

This is Megan. And yes, she is a dolphin. Nah... you're right, she isn't... but sometimes she wishes she was! Megan loves reading, writing, fashion design, swimming, curling, photography, and hanging out with her amazing friends. One of her most favourite pastimes is mocking Rachel. She likes to think she is funny, but it's not necessarily true... 

This is Rachel. She is not a horse, but she spends enough time with them, that Megan sometimes thinks she may turn into one! Rachel enjoys reading and writing, as well as video-editing, horseback riding, and photography. She also really enjoys making fun of Megan in return! (Those two have a pretty awesome mock-mock relationship.) She and Megan both hope that you find this site slightly useful and maybe even a bit entertaining. ;)

Our reviews will be spoiler free, and in the off- chance there is a spoiler, it will be clearly marked AND in the same colour as the screen so that you have to highlight it to see it. We don't want to ruin the books for you!

Any questions or Comments? Feel free to write us! thewritereaders@gmail.com 

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