Review: Evermore by Alyson Noel

For Twilight fans everywhere, this book is phenabulous. For those who would have rather walked into a pit full of snakes then read Twilight ( like Megan) then this book is another brick wall to smack your head on.
I enjoyed reading Twilight, but I’m one of those people who probably won’t read them again and enjoys making jokes about them them. Evermore is the same- I enjoyed reading it, but I had a lot of fun laughing at it. I might find the next book to read if I have nothing else today, but it isn’t on the top of my to- read list.

Ever Bloom’s family was killed in a car crash, which also left her on the brink of death. She moved in with her aunt after the accident, and life is pretty good, other then the fact that her parents and sister are dead, and she’s psychic. Something about the accident changed her, and now she picks up other people’s thoughts and has other psychic abilities, plus her dead sister visits her nearly ever day. Some people would think that’s pretty cool, but for Ever, it’s completely overwhelming. She just wants to shut it all off, which is why she hides behind a hoody and a cranked up iPod. She’s content with just her two friends- Haven and Miles- and doesn’t need anymore.

And then Damen moves into town and starts at her highschool. He’s incredibly attractive and is instantly popular. For some reason, he takes an interest in Ever, even though she is pretty much the only girl in the whole school who wouldn’t do anything to go out on a date with him. And then when she accidentally touches him, it’s like everything else is muted. All the random thoughts and energy are gone. Soon Ever admits to herself that she is interested in him, and it goes from there. Everything’s fine and dandy, until Ever’s friend Haven makes friends with a slightly strange girl, and everything becomes infinitely more complicated.

The story was fun to read, I suppose, but it was incredibly similar to Twilight and pretty cliche. I even made a t-chart with my friend of all the things that Twilight and Evermore had in common, and it ended up being pretty long. Mind- reading, immortality, the new kid, over-protective boyfriend, this book has it all. It even has the line “Are you… are you breaking up with me?” In it at one point. The character names are even questionable. Ever, Miles, Haven, Drina and Evangeline. Have you ever met a single person with one of these names? I haven’t. 

The plot was meh, fairly simple and kind of predictable, with lots of romance. I kind of wanted to smack Ever several times. The most random things would happen, and she would treat them like she had seen it a million times. I mean, if the guy sitting next to you in class started levitating his pen, would you just watch him and then, moments later, pretty much forget it until later? I would be freaked out. She seemed like she just wasn't thinking half the time.

Overall, this book was not the best display of writing I've ever seen, or a book I'd be willing to spend money on, yet I still read it, and pretty quickly too. So for whatever reason, I did enjoy it at least somewhat.



  1. Good review. I loved this book and completed the whole series. The names were a bit different, but you have to remember that some of the characters have been around a long time.

    1. Thanks :)
      People just have different tastes, I suppose. A book I love you might not like so much, right?

      Thanks for reading!


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