Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver


So, Rachel and I went to the library the other day and checked out about 20 books between the two of us, (no joke) and this was the first one I read. I actually just finished it this morning! It was very good, and I can't wait to read the sequel Pandemonium. I had trouble starting the next book in my library pile because I wanted to read the sequel so bad! But alas, I must read the others so I can provide you good people with more reviews! :)

 First of all, (I felt the need to bring this up as it kind of confused me) WHY SO MANY COVERS? It seems a bit excessive... I guess Lauren Oliver just couldn't decide! I don't even know which one was the original cover art, but I personally like the last two.


Delirium is set in a dystopian-type world, where the government is in complete control of the people. Or so they think. The central plot follows 17 year old Lena Haloway as she nears her "procedure".

In this nightmarish version of our reality, love is considered to be a disease, and something that will distract people from what really matters. Over the years, a cure has been developed to rid people of the disease. Each person is required to undergo this procedure when they turn 18.

Lena has always believed in this lie, that love is terrible. She has even looked forward to her procedure, and the supposed "happiness" it is said to bring her. That is, until she meets Alex...

I really enjoyed the book, and I highly recommend it. It is fast paced, and exciting. If you enjoy romance in novels, then you are sure to love this one. :) (I have to admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for romance...) I am very excited to post a bigger review of this book later when Rachel has read it, so I can talk about what I thought in more depth without spoiling the experience for her! Ha ha!

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  1. Awesome Review! This book is on my shelf screaming at me to read it!

    1. thank you! It is a very good book, you should read it ASAP! :) and when you do, we'd love to hear what you thought of it. thanks for the comment!



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