October with Read it Write!

Hi everyone! It's the first of October, and I've been planning some stuff for this month for awhile! For the month of October here at Read it Write the site will be focused around the spooky and paranormal.

Waiting on Wednesdays all have creepy themes, and there will be some reviews coming up about some spooky books. There's also a few other things planned, but you will have to wait and see what they are later in the month!

Neither Megan or I are huge into thrillers, so the books will, for the most part, be spooky and maybe creepy, but not full-out horror. 

Top Ten Tuesdays will not be much different than usual, however. 

I've also started up a book tumblr to be a more instant-type blog for my book needs, and this month I will be doing a book photo challenge hosted by Books & Cupcakes (see it here) that has a bunch of Halloween themes this month. You can find my blog here if you are interested in seeing what books I select.

Now who's ready for some spooky stuff?



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