Review: Rory by Ciye Cho

Far beyond heaven, earth and hell is a city known as Palladino, a place ruled by ghosts and filled with demons, magic, and all sorts of darkly beautiful things. A city where no one can ever escape.Eighteen-year-old Rory is a cake decorator who makes stunning confections. But no amount of frosting or miracles can save her when a demon kidnaps her—and carries her to Palladino. Here, Rory ends up in a deadly charm school where young women are forced to become companions for the Ghost Lords. And for her to survive, Rory must become everything that she isn’t: graceful, elegant... and perfect.
But nothing is what it seems in Palladino. Not the magic. Not the ghosts. And definitely not Martin Marius, the bizarre Ghost Lord-slash-inventor who is drawn to Rory. For amid a thousand machines and a hundred cats, Martin holds a secret that could change everything. A secret that could either free Rory... or destroy her.

This book was generously given to us from Ciye Cho in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Ciye! 

Let me just say, honestly, I LOVED this book. I wasn't too sure what to expect going into it, but once I started reading it, I actually couldn't put it down! I finished the entire book in 2 days. That's how good it was. 

It was just a really great mix of everything I love in YA fiction. It was surreal, fantastical, although still extremely relatable. The setting is magical, and wonderful, but also dark and dangerous. The pace of the story was good, there were no slow points, or bits that were boring or hard to read through. It was one of those action-packed books that constantly throw plot twists at you to keep you interested. That fact made this book particularly addicting for me.The plot was mysterious, and very unpredictable, so it left me wanting to keep reading to find out what would happen next! And after I finished the whole book, I found myself saddened by the fact that the next book in the series is not published yet! I can't wait to read it! 

I loved the main character Rory. She's a baker, and my favourite scenes were when she was baking cakes and decorating them. The description of those scenes were just so much fun to read! There was a dream kitchen involved... and let me tell you... I think anyone would love to have that kitchen, even if you weren't a baker! It sounded fabulous! The level of description throughout the whole book was amazing, not just in the baking scenes. I am a very visual person, so when an author can really paint a clear picture in my head with the words they use, it's usually an instant hit with me! Ciye Cho definitely accomplished that! 

Another thing that was really great about this book was that there was a talking cat. Need I say more? Didn't think so. 

I'm wracking my brain to try and find something I didn't like about this book... but I don't think there was anything! All around, it was a great book, and very fun to read!  

The Good: everything. no joke. 
The Bad: nothing. it was addicting perfection that I couldn't put down. There's nothing bad about that!!!! 
The Verdict: 10/10 peeps. Give it a read. you won't regret it!!!! 

PS: I can't wait to read Ciye Cho's mermaid series Florence, it looks equally as good! 

keep readin' it write!


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