TTT #15: Books Megan Would Want on a Deserted Island

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Each week they give a topic, and then other blogs make their top ten lists for that topic.

This week's topic is.......Top Ten Books Megan Would Want on a Deserted Island 

As always, this list is in no particular order. 

1) How to Survive on a Deserted Island by Eric Endureitall: because death just isn't an option! There are wayyyy too many books I haven't read in this world yet! 

2) How to Build Shelter on a Deserted Island by Kristopher Koverupp: I don't like getting wet. Well unless I do like it. Which would be when I say, go swimming, or take a shower, or have a waterfight... or dance in the rain... but otherwise, no. 

3) How to Find Food on a Deserted Island by Ivan Injestibel: SUSTENANCE. 

4) How to Stay Warm on a Deserted Island When Fire is Not Available by Frederic Fownduhcaav: I despise being cold. 

5) How to Stay Warm on a Deserted Island When Fire IS Available by Peter Piero: Again, me and Mr. Cold don't get along. Whatsoever.  

6) How to Find Chocolate on a Deserted Island by Catherine Cocoluvs: Death would come swiftly in the absence of this fine delicacy. 

7) How to Fend off Disease on a Deserted Island by Mary Maladie: Well.... yeah. 

8) How to Keep Yourself Sane on a Deserted Island by Kevin Kipittuhgevver: I'm already insane, so I'm not too certain how much this will help... but you never know. ;) 

9) How to Escape from a Deserted Island by Simon Sicovthisplaiz: sooner or later, I'd have to get my butt outta there, and I MAY need a few pointers... 

10) Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling: cuz yenno, I might die. I'm gonna need me some childhood fondness... 

So there ya go. My deserted island TBR pile, which I hope never to need crack open. Except for number 10. Gimme a Potter book anyday!

keep readin' it write!


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